Thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch the Knit and Crochet Today marathon this past Saturday on the Create Channel! A bunch of peeps contacted us after seeing the show to ask where they could get the pattern for the crochet ring I was wearing in many of the episodes.

I'm glad you asked! The pattern is available free right here, on the Crochet Today website.

I highly recommend stitching up at least one of these rings. I made mine in no time at all (like, less than an hour), and I get tons of use out of it. It's the perfect little crafty finishing touch on many outfits.

PS: Did you know the new season of the TV show is now airing? And in case you didn't hear, the name has been changed slightly - it's now Knit and Crochet Now - but everything else is the the same. Same producer Candi Jensen, same cast of awesome experts, and I'm still your hostess! So check it out on your local PBS station, or on the Create Channel!


Love It

thanks so much i love this around the rosy ring

Love It

thanks so much i love this around the rosy ring

try again!

Hello all! So sorry for our technical glitch. We hopefully fixed the link--give it a try again and cross your fingers!

Or try clicking here.


Thanks so much, was able too download and save it..Thank you so much!! xoxo

Still no accessed :-(

Still no accessed :-( kimmee

Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page.


OK, we fixed something else about it; try now! Sorry about this guys.

Can't get access to the ring

Can't get access to the ring pattern..would love too have it!!

ring pattern

I also got "access denied" when I tried to download this pattern. Help!

Free Ring Pattern

I tried to download the pattern for the ring, & it says that I'm denied access to it....Can you help with this problem? It seems that the web site people have a lot of errors to fix on your site...

Thank you so much! I have

Thank you so much! I have been admiring that ring on your finger ever since the first show on which you wore it. Looking forward to this TV season!