Crocheted Car Tire Cozies!

We were very amused to discover that some intrepid crocheters have been making cozies for their spare tires! 

The first one we saw was by Linda, who posts on "Blog of a Crazy Crocheting Fool"! 

Then we found Leslie's, hidden away on a message forum

Linda has been busy; she has TWO crocheted spare tire cozies! 

Do you know of any other car doilies? If you'd like to make your own, you'll need bulky yarn (try using more than one strand of medium-weight yarn held together) and a doily pattern. We have a sweet (and free!) coaster/doily pattern with hearts that you can modify to fit, if you like. 

Send us a photo if you make one! We'd love to see more vehicles covered in crochet as we drive around!


The croheted tire covers are

The croheted tire covers are really beautiful. I wonder how such pretty designs are been made. I wish to have one for my car.

Not a whole tire....

... But I DID yarn-bomb my nieghbor's Tire SWING. :)

Love it! :-)

Love it! :-)


Inspired by this and others' projects I made one for my car as well this year. You can see these and more on Ravelry containing tire tag.

Love your crocheted tire

Love your crocheted tire covers! Now my car is asking for one...