Crochetdermy: Shauna Richardson's Olympic Contribution

The phrase "crocheted animals" brings to mind amigurumi for most crocheters. Shauna Richardson thinks bigger. She's been working for nearly three years on a commission for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, of three giant lions representing Richard the Lionheart. Creating the largest crochet sculpture in the world wore on her hands; many nights she had to immerse them in ice to relieve swelling and pain caused by crocheting carpet wool for hours each day. The lions will be exhibited throughout England in a custom-built, glass-sided truck that measures nearly sixty feet long. 

Life-size or larger crochet animals make up much of Richardson's ouevre. 

Not all her work is of lions and large cats; Richardson "crochetdermies" many other animals, including baboons. 

The BBC took a closer look at the completed lion sculpture on Tuesday, in honor of its unveiling. 

What's the biggest thing you've ever crocheted? What do you think of the lions? Let us know in the comments below!


@Leah.d12 - A blanket is

@Leah.d12 - A blanket is pretty big! The lions are the biggest crocheted work in the WORLD right now, so it's tough to compare regular projects to them. :) 


that is so cool. i would never beable to crochet something like that. the bigest thing i have crocheted would probly just be a blanket i am working one right now.