Crochet Spotting at the Local Thrift Shop

Hey there, Craft Editor Jann here. I am a huge fan of vintage everything. My apartment is all mid century modern chic, my closet is packed full of vintage labels, and my bookshelf mostly consists of vintage crochet and knitting patterns. 

One of my favorite things to do is to scour my local thrift shops for inspirations. Last week I spotted a tiny little granny square dress in psychedelic colors, some amazing afghans, and a whole horde of toilet paper dolls. 

I have professed my love of these dolls before. They bring back happy memories of my Nana's house. I spent hours and hours playing with them. To my delight, the Salvation Army had just received an entire collection of them. There must have been at least twenty dolls in a rainbow of colors. I imagine it was a lovely lady's handiwork. They were all in pristine condition and I can tell they were well loved. 

My friend Kate wasn't as sold on them as I was. 

I considered buying one or two but then I remembered my cozy San Francisco studio. With all of my other vintage treasures, there just isn't room. I want them to be appreciated and loved as when they were made. Unless I found this one by Knitta, it's quite possibly my favorite one ever!

What are your favorite vintage crochet items? What treasures have you found? Send an email to and we may feature them in future Facebook or Crochet Today blog posts!



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