Crochet Sightings at the Maker Faire

You might expect to see huge metal monsters breathing fire at the Maker Faire, but the other side of the Faire is much softer--mainly, the handmade textile and other crafts. That's what I go to see, and I was not disappointed this year.
Several vendors were selling their hand crocheted creations, like these cute toys and hats.

Most of the crafts were located in a big tent called the Bizarre Bazaar, and that's where this film crew was interviewing a vendor (Dorklandia). Everyone's interested in crochet!

In another building near The National Needlework Association's booth (where volunteers offered free crochet and knitting classes), there was an amazing installation. The floor was filled with little structures made entirely of masking tape, and on the walls were wire clothes hangers, each covered with fabric in all the colors of the rainbow. It apparently took most of a day to set up--I did not stay to see how long it took to take down!

This year, I had time to sit down and take a couple of classes--first, I made a chain mail bracelet using aluminum rings (this fellow is showing off the chain mail armor he made with a similar technique). I also made a woven wire bracelet. Each class cost only $10, which included all the materials and tools required to make it.
Next year, I will probably spend some time in the sewing tent--the projects there looked like fun.
The Maker Faire travels around the country and will be in New York, September 29 and 30. Check it out!

--Marina, Senior Editor