Blogger We Love: Sarah London

Blogger We Love: Sarah London

By Carrie Melago

Everything old is luscious, eye-popping, and new again for Sarah London. This designer and blogger not only breathes new life into traditional crochet techniques, but also has an inimitable talent for mixing and matching every color of the rainbow, making her designs leap from the page and demand to be stitched. In 2011, after years of selling her designs and motifs as part of her online Hip to Hook pattern series, Sarah released her first book, Granny Square Love (North Light Books), which is filled with the vibrant, vintage-inspired patterns that her fans adore.

“Injecting each granny square with a rush of bold colors makes my heart skip a beat with each stitch made, the more colors the merrier,” Sarah says. “I just adore granny squares!”


Like many crocheters, Sarah learned the craft as a child from her grandmother, starting with granny squares and moving on to other techniques. “It was love at first sight,” she says. “I was drawn to the brightly colored squares and desperately wanted to learn to make them.” On special birthdays, Sarah’s grandmother gave blankets as gifts, and the one Sarah received for her 18th birthday is among her most “treasured possessions.” Beyond her ingenious, retro-chic designs, Sarah’s work is distinctive because of her fearless use of color. No combinations are off limits, and pairings that might sound garish work beautifully under Sarah’s watchful eye. Sometimes the combos just happen and she’ll find herself using, say, pink and mustard. Other times, the pairings come about organically. “Often I’ll spy colors that click from a pile of yarn oddments. Lemon may be tangled with pea green and I’ll go, ‘Hmmm, perfect!’” she says. “I’ll then expand, auditioning colors one by one into the mix. It’s like a sixth sense.”

Fans may wonder where Sarah finds the time to be so prolific, working up beautiful bedspreads and pillows and flowers in what seems like no time at all. Sarah says it’s not hard to find spare moments for her passion, often while watching a movie or listening to a podcast. “I find it to be extremely therapeutic. I’m super-speedy with the hook, and crochet is so rhythmic that I find it hard to stop,” she says.

Sarah lives in the Australian countryside with her husband and three children—all of whom crochet. Her 11-year-old son Thomas loves to whip up long chains in many colors. Sarah’s thrilled that crochet is picking up more and more fans—and she’s “over the moon” with the popularity of her patterns.



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