All-Time Best Blankets!

There's just nothing like a handmade afghan, is there? Well now, in our new special issue featuring only afghans, you have 25 patterns at your fingertips! We feature some of our all-time best designs, including:

The Perfect Picnic Blanket

The Stained Glass Afghan

The Stripes & Dots Blanket

There's something here for everyone, from babies and kids to teenagers and adults. Make one as a treasured gift or keep it all to yourself--it's up to you!

Look for this special issue on newsstands and from online stores only or call 800-865-7240 to order a copy.


Best Blankets issue

I have been crocheting for ages and do many advanced patterns and isn't too many that I can't figure out but thought I would make a quick present for my granddaughter and started Soft & Comfy Throw on page 28 of this issue. There is definitely a mistake in round 4 of the written directions, which makes it impossible to figure out. Thank the Lord that I can read the diagrams. Please somebody post a correction for all of those who think they can do this with the beginner skills it says it takes.

As a loyal subscriber since

As a loyal subscriber since the very first issue, is there a way I can sign up to get these special issues delivered to my house? I didn't even know they had them until I went to Jo-Ann's yesterday.

special issues

Special Issues are not mailed to subscribers, sorry. We do advertise them in the magazine, so check your local newsstand around the issue date for each Special Issue. Some bookstores will also order magazines for you.

Pig Blanket

There was a blanket for kids in an issue that was different colored squares with pigs heads that you would make and then stitch onto the squares. Does anyone know what issue that was in or still have the pattern? I can't find my copy of it and my boyfriends mother would like it.
Any help is appreciated. :)

New issue

Hello, I want to know if there is a new special issue to order? I thought I read it here but really unsure.



There is, I will be putting it up on the site soon. It is in stores now! It's another "gifts" issue, chock-full of great things to make for others (or yourself!).

Beginner Crocheter Help.

Im a beginner and I really want to learn how to make a granny square so I can create a blanket, I really don't know how to do it. Any advice or help would be good.

beginner help

You can watch videos of crochet. Here's a link to a great site that I use. They have thousands of videos on crocheting.

Hope this help.


Pinwheel blanket

I love the tunisian stitch!I used to think it was boring ( years ago there wasn't much information about increasing/decreasing etc). This pattern is great but I don't understand the rows 2-72 of section B where it says to skip every 5th stitch so that you end up with 90 stitches.When your working with two needles you can skip them but with tunisian crochet you have to include every stitch.

skipping a stitch in tunisian

I believe to skip a stitch you will hook through 2 loops before pulling up a loop on the first pass or the add loops row, or you may pull loop through 3 loops instead of 2 loops on the pass back. Either way would decrease a stitch