5 Cross-Crafts for Crocheters

5 Cross-Crafts for Crocheters
Crochet has our hearts but there’s room for more!

By Kathryn Vercillo of Crochet Concupiscence

We recently shared an article with ideas for how to take your crochet to the next level. One suggestion we failed to mention at the time was that you could also enhance your crochet by exploring a related craft and seeing how it fits in with your crochet work. Here are five top crafts that work well for crocheters.

1. Knitting

The most obvious choice for someone to explore alongside crochet is knitting. The arts have their differences but also have their similarities.

Some of the reasons a crochet lover may want to also learn to knit include:

  • There are some great patterns available that combine knitting and crochet.
  • Knowledge of both will allow you to adapt a crochet pattern to a knit technique and vice versa.
  • What you learn in one craft can inspire you to make improvements in the other.
  • If all else fails and you find that knitting is not for you then at least you gave something new a try … and you’ll be that much more appreciative of the craft of crochet!

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2. Yarn Spinning

There is a movement called the Slow Yarn Movement that posits the theory that yarn-crafting can be done in a way that is intentional, sustainable, supports the local economy and helps us each live a slower-paced, more fulfilling life. One way to embrace the idea of the Slow Yarn movement is to get involved in more than one step of the yarn process before you actually begin to crochet. Learning to spin your own yarn with a drop spindle or spinning wheel and then using that yarn to crochet your finished items is a great way to embrace a full practice of mindful crochet!

3. Yarn Dyeing

Dyeing your own yarn at home is another great way to immerse yourself in the Slow Yarn Movement! Here’s a way to use Kool-Aid to dye wool yarn.

4. Weaving

Like knitting, weaving is a fiber art that you don’t ever have to learn as a crocheter but it could benefit you in the way that it offers a new manipulation of fabric to explore. Weaving can be great for experimenting with color and texture in new ways that crochet doesn’t offer. Once you’ve learned to weave, see how you can combined weaving and crochet in creative multimedia projects.

5. Sewing

Do you know how to sew? If you’ve joined motifs or done much amigurumi in crochet then you know some of the basics of sewing. Why not take that to the next level and see what you can do with a needle and thread? Although many of us crochet lovers don’t ever spend a lot of time sewing, it can be a helpful addition to our craft in practical ways to know the basics! For example, you can sew crochet appliqués onto clothing and other items. (Our EIC Theresa teaches an online course on sewing too if you really take to the craft).

Have you experimented with other crafts? Share what you’ve learned below!